Coaches' Tribune: Men's Golf

Coaches' Tribune: Men's Golf

Fighters. Relentless. Unstoppable. Team.

NE10 Champions. All-Conference player awards. It is remarkable to think how far the Assumption men's golf team has come in such a short amount of time. Our team is comprised of not just excellent golfers but outstanding young men. 

As the season began in Fall, 2019 our goal was to not just qualify, but win the NE10 championship. And we did. What sets this team apart is their belief in themselves and each other. Their bond is remarkable – they support, motivate and care about each other; on and off the course. 

Captains Mark Bryant and Zach Magarian took the reins at the beginning of our season, creating an environment of support, communication, and excellence. If a player had a late class, Zach or Mark would wait and practice with them later in the day. If a player had an exam and was feeling stressed, Mark or Zach would step in and offer words of wisdom and guidance. 

Proud. Simple word but packed with meaning and power. As a coach, I am beyond proud of the accomplishments these young men have realized and for what is in store for them. Proud of how they handled an abrupt end to a promising spring season. Proud of how they continue to support and lift each other through adversity. 

These Hounds don't give up. They are men with energy, fire and spirit. Next year promises even more positive results but more importantly, it promises a continued commitment to team and each other.

-Head Men's Golf Coach, John O'Hara