Coaches' Tribune: Men's Basketball

Coaches' Tribune: Men's Basketball

Sacrifices for Success

As I sit here during these crazy times, it feels like forever ago that we were together as a team. When we finished with individual meetings to say goodbye for spring break, never would we have thought that we were saying goodbye for the remainder of the year. Although we are all spread out literally around the world right now, we are all in this together. This has shown who we are as a team! From the second we heard the news of campus being closed, you all looked out for each other. You helped each other get home as safe as possible, you helped store your teammates' luggage, you helped others in need, and you stayed connected during this time. No one is in this alone and we will soon be together again as a team.

This year was a new experience for all of us. One year ago, there were many unknowns within our program. Who's the next coach? How will we do things? What does my role look like on a new team? Will I finish my career at Assumption? Those were all questions each of you asked yourself during a time of uncertainty. It is never easy to have a coaching change, but when I first met you, it was clear that you were ready for whatever was next. You welcomed a new coaching staff, embraced a new style, sacrificed for the better of our team. You played with passion and energy every day, took ownership over our program, and jumped in on day one. Thank you. It made our transition as a coaching staff seamless. 

It is clear that you are all passionate about the game of basketball and that you have fun playing. That was evident in the way that you competed for each other this season. From our first workout in the fall to our last game against Franklin Pierce, you all stayed together and competed for something bigger than yourselves. You enjoyed the process and continued to focus on getting better as a team. We celebrated the highs and we battled through the lows. When I reflect on our season, I will always remember how this team handled adversity. No matter what, you continued to believe in each other and that allowed us to respond when things got difficult. The highlight of our season for me, was how we bounced back after a tough buzzer beater in league play. We went on to beat the number one team at home on Alumni Day. 

To our seniors, you have all been through a lot during your four or five years here, but you are all leaving the program in a better place. You embody what it means to be a Greyhound. You were selfless teammates who sacrificed for the better of our team. The one thing that jumps out about this group is your overall sense of maturity. You always had a pulse on our team and knew how to continue to drive the culture of our program in the right direction. You handled everything you did with class and your impact here goes far beyond our basketball program. You dedicated time to your academic work, all graduating with well above a 3.0 GPA and were positive influencers throughout the Greater Worcester Community. I am proud of how you guys brought local members of the Special Olympics team into our program. I am sorry that we are not able to give you a proper sendoff this spring, but I hope we can all celebrate at graduation. You have helped set the tone for current and future Hounds. You will always be a part of the program as proud and hopefully, supportive alumni. I am excited about what your futures hold and confident that success awaits you. Go Hounds!

-Head Men's Basketball Coach, Scott Faucher